A short video on a pop-up yoga retreat in the Rocky Mountains

This last September, a dozen of my close friends and I all headed up to a 10th Mountain Division hut in San Isabel National Forest for a two-day trip. Most people brought up a yoga mat, and as it happens in my life, things kind of turned into a mini yoga retreat.

Meanwhile, my friend and very talented photographer Kevin Banker, was shooting stills, time lapses and photos of the trip. On the last day he interviewed some of the crew, and made this incredible short to document the trip. Check out his website here. Kevin is seriously talented and has some amazing passion projects he’s working on.

If you’ve ever done a yoga retreat, you know that emersion can bring you to a new level in your practice. If you can’t commit the time or the money for an organized yoga retreat, it’s totally doable to organize one with friends. If you go out into nature or find a great venue, all you need is someone who’s able to guide the class portion. Then everyone can contribute a little bit of all the other aspects. It’s such a great way to grow the community around you and make some great friends!