“Yoga and meditation have taught me that life is about exploring, discovering, and finding spaces to play. Come hang out in the mountains and let’s do some yoga in the snow, meditate in the trees, and embrace all this world has to offer.

My yoga practice has been a constant journey. I took my first yoga class when I was 17. By 2004 I trained in the Barkan method and earned my teacher certification. Since then I’ve taught Vinyasa flows, Hot Yoga, SUP Yoga, and guided meditation. Who know what’s next, but I hope you’ll join me!

I believe that yoga is for everyone, and that everyone will benefit from it somehow. Many of my students have heard me say that it doesn’t matter what your reason for practicing is. As long as you’re practicing, the benefits will come, regardless of your motivation. Yoga and meditation will help you find things you didn’t know you wanted or needed in life. Be humble, be open, be grateful and worlds will open up for you.

I trained in the Barkan yoga, a style of vinyasa yoga. In each class, I like to incorporate some vinyasa flow with plenty of poses that help with core strengthening. This kind of strength helps us prevent injuries, and allows us to push further than we think we can. Core strength is integral to all my favorite mountain activities, like snowboarding, backpacking, paddleboarding and climbing. So if you take a class with me, expect to get a deep and intentional practice.

If you want to come to one of my classes, make sure to check out my upcoming schedule, or contact me for private yoga and meditation classes.