SUP Yoga is about building your balance, finding a new dimension of flow, and allowing for more play to enter your practice.

I invite and encourage you to go try a SUP Yoga class now! I promise that at the very least you will deepen your normal practice. I bet that you’ll also meet fun new people, become addicted to paddleboarding, and laugh a lot. I give my karma-back guarantee that you will thank yourself forever for giving it a try!

SUP Yoga

I recently went through a SUP Yoga teacher training after falling in love with the style. Since then, SUP Yoga has become such a huge part of my practice. Meanwhile, the SUP Yoga community keeps growing and growing. Interested in giving it a try? Hopefully after reading this you’ll be as excited about it as I am.

SUP Yoga is exactly as it sounds. A yoga practice floating on a paddleboard (sort of like a surfboard). Usually done in a lake, pool or calm waters off of a beach, this style takes balance to the next level.

Almost all postures that you do on your yoga mat are possible on a paddleboard. Classes range in styles in the same way that they do in the studio. Some classes move slower, with fewer standing and balance poses. Other classes will flow much like a vinyasa power yoga class. Every pose is just a little bit harder to balance in, requiring you to focus deeper and really be present in your body.

At the same time, once you get adjusted to the rocky nature of the paddleboard, you will quickly learn to embrace instability into your practice. A stable ground is something that we take for granted and assume is necessary to our daily existence. This is the great metaphor of SUP Yoga: learning to embrace the rocky nature of the paddleboard is the same as embracing the rocky nature of life. You will learn that you are in control of your own stability. Stability is not dependent upon the stability of what surrounds and supports you. If stability is what you think you need in life, then learn to embrace the instability in your environment and in turn you will create stability from within yourself.

Don’t be intimated by the idea of doing yoga on  a board. SUP Yoga is actually very easy to get the hang of in your first class. You don’t even have to have been on a paddleboard before. In fact, I had never been on a paddleboard before my first SUP Yoga class. Yes, it’s awkward at first, but you get the hang of it fast.

Get out there, take a class and you will not be mad that you did. To find a class in the Vail area, try looking at In Your Element‘s site or take a look at my teaching schedule.