Yokohama Beach – a Pristine Beach on Oahu’s North Coast

After the North Shore, my next stop in Oahu was to take the paddle boards to Yokohama beach on the West side of the island. This is basically the last stop on the main road up the West coast of Oahu. Yokohama beach – more commonly referred to as just “Yokes” – is known for its clear water, large breaks and marine life. Collectively, Yokes refers to the Yokohama beach and Yokohama bay, just south of the beach. Both are beautiful and great for paddle boarding, but I recommend making it up to the bay, which is where I spent most of my time.

The West coast is unique on the island because it is “protected” by the massive Waianae mountain range. What I mean by this is that the Waianae mountains block any major passage to the West Coast except for the area that is just South of the Waianae mountain range. There are no major mountain passes over the mountain range, and the small area between the North Shore and the northern tip of the West Coast doesn’t have an accessible road connecting the two. This keeps the West Coast far less crowded with tourists than other areas of the island, especially the further North you drive.

I wanted to get as far North as I could (by car at least). At the Northern most part of the West Coast lies the Yokohama beach and Yokohama bay, both more commonly referred to simply as Yokes. The beaches at Yokes are pristine and uncrowded. There’s no busy roads or traffic, so it’s quite and relaxing. There are some scattered rocks, but for most part nice white sand. The waves brake hard in certain spots, but other spots are calm and allowed easy access with the Hala boards. The water was clearer than any other beaches that I visited in Hawaii. You can see the coral and fish from your board as you paddle around, and it would be a great idea to bring snorkel gear.

And if you are looking for somewhere to eat, check out Da Crawfish and Crabshack for some amazing seafood.