May 2015

Trucker Hats Hand Painted by Yours Truly

Unique mountain style with hand painted trucker hats Designing the trucker hats has been such a creative outlet for me, I am so glad that everyone likes them so much! My Etsy store has been blowing up! It's been such a great [...]

Inspiration for 100 Days

100 Days of Inspiration Inspiration can be frustratingly difficult to find. Sometimes you have to create it yourself. So I'm taking part in The 100 Days Project. Using #the100dayproject and #the100daysofinspiration hashtags, I'll be posting a new drawing, design, painting or [...]

April 2015

Yogajoes Army Does Yoga

Yogajoes might be the most fun project I've seen in this year. For me, reality is the synthesis of two disparate and conflicting ideas. Isn't that how life works? You think you understand it, you think it might make sense, and [...]